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R2H Training centre runs basic, professional and emergency healthcare and medical training for individuals and organisation

Some of our courses can be taken online on our eLearning platform in the comfort of your home or office and at you own pace,

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We also run a monthly free live enlightenment and awareness program online covering general and special request topics

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What you get when you train with us

  • AHA compliant certificate
  • Certified provide wallet card
  • London HABC / AHA certified trainers and instructor
  • Simple to understand training materials

Why you should take our courses and trainings

  • Increases your chances of employment
  • Increase your capacity makes you become more valuable to you company
  • You become valuable to the community
  • You become a life saver
  • Health and safety is everyone business.
  • R2H Services always an opportunity for you.
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Our Trainings

  • Basic and professional first aid
  • Basic and professional CPR/AED
  • First responder course
  • Basic and professional health and medical courses
  • Advance medic first aid
  • Infection control
  • General fire safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Health and safety 1,2,3
  • Certificate and diploma program and internship in occupational health and safety (OSHAcademy) in
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • General industry



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R2H Occupational and School Health Administration

We provide comprehensive range of health medical and safety services, as well as health surveillance, risk assessment to schools, companies and organisations

Our OSHA Services

Health surveillance

  • Health surveillance is a process required under various health and safety regulations to systematically detect and access early signs of work related ill health in employees exposed to certain health risk. This includes
  • Early detection, diagnosis and mgt of occupational disease and illness
  • Preventive medical services
  • Health hazard analysis and prevention
  • Health risk evaluation and training
  • Healthy lifestyle and wellbeing training
  • On-site and offsite occupational health clinic setup and mgt.
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Employee and student health and medical assessment

  • Pre-employment Medical screening
  • Pre-school medical screening
  • Periodic medical assessment
  • Food handlers’ screening
  • Drugs and alcohol testing
  • Drivers medical assessment
  • Night worker medical assessment
  • Vision assessment
  • Dental assessment
  • Psychological and mental counselling
  • Other assessment depending on your organisation needs
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Facility and workplace risk assessment

  • Occupational accident and hazard risk assessment
  • Provide collective and personal protective equipment
  • Occupational hygiene education
  • Workplace ergonomic education
  • Control system to eliminate, prevent and reduce exposure
  • Risk assessment training and retraining for workers

Who needs R2H OSHA Services

Factories, industries, banks, schools and colleges, construction companies, transport and logistics companies, oil and gas companies, health and medical facilities.

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Benefit to your organisation

  • Increase business opportunity
  • Enhances organisation reputation
  • Help organisation create safer working environment
  • Decrease injuries related cost
  • Employers saves money on medical expenses
  • Increases employee’s moral
  • Demonstrating commitment to employee health and safety
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R2H MHW Mgt service

  • is part of out holistic healthcare package to our clients that’s addresses medical, health and emergency problems, wellness and fitness, medic assist and medical tourism.

Our MHW Services

  • Telehealth
  • Concierge healthcare
  • Medic assist
  • Wellness and fitness
  • Ambulance and EM Services
  • Medical centre / clinics
  • Holistic and alternative Healthcare
  • International medical services

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